I am tired.

I feel a little better after my last post.

I just have to accept who my friends are.

I can’t change them. I can’t do anything.

I just have to learn to change my life to benefit more of myself.

Make my grass greener on my side.

Except that requires a lot of mowing, cutting, and watering.


Bed Time,

Night Fellow Bloggers/World.

May your dreams bring delight.

Yours Truly,


As simple as a pop song?

January 31, 2009

As heard from a fairly recent movie,

“Love should be as simple as a love song. I want you to want me.”

Don’t we all wish it could be that simple?

But then again, at times the thought of love really is.

Think about it.

Whenever we hear that good pop song about love on the radio, the one with the perfect lyrics and chords, we instantly go into a world imagining ourselves with our one true love.

The song never leaves our heads. And everytime it comes back that 3 minutes of euphoria comes back as well.

“I want you to want me.”

The only wish I have is that I wish the journey of trying to find love could be just as easy as the daydream of it.

Who Knows?